Hello Herman, Michelle danner’s latest film stars Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead and his love interest is played by Martha Higareda, an acclaimed star in her native Mexico who starred with Keanu Reeves in Street Kings. The film also stars newcomer Garrett Backstrom as the troubled teen shooter Herman Howards.Hello Herman premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and internationally premiered at the Monaco Charity Film Festival winning the award for socially relevant film. Hello Herman opened on June 7, 2013 in nationwide with simultaneous availability on VOD in 100 million homes and is available for purchase on the website.Hello Herman, follows a controversial journalist (Norman Reedus) is forced to confront his haunting past when he faces a bullied teenager (Garrett Backstrom) driven to a terrible act of violence.“John Buffalo Mailer’s Hello Herman is a powerful and important work, a darkly brilliant tone poem about America’s tango with violence and frame. Herman will get under your skin. He may even follow you home. What is certain is you won’t soon forget him.” Sam Kushner (Vanity Fair). 

A statement from director Michelle Danner:

HELLO HERMAN is sparking a lot of controversy. Some would love for me to not have made this movie. They want you to ignore the problem of violence in America.

Many understand why I made this movie. They called it “Daring… Unnerving, thought provoking…The type of movie that Hollywood rarely makes but should make more often.”

I am purposely making a point to touch on many issues. It’s about being very focused on the fact that there isn’t just one issue contributing to the escalating violence in teens, there are a multitude of them.

Our world is not safe. I am a mother and feel a responsibility. This breakout violence is not going away. It’s spiraling out of control.  There are so many factors that come together for these events to occur.

I wanted to start the conversation and not let it die.

When a shooting happens the media pounds on us and then they’re on to the next thing. No one does anything and it happens again and again. That’s why I made the film. Nothing changes.

We need to keep seeing movies that deal with these issues. No, it’s not a popcorn film. We can’t drop the ball on this one. This is the world we are leaving to our children and this world is getting more and more dangerous. We have to do something about it.