Now is YOUR chance to join the movement!

Looking to get involved in something meaningful? Well, look no further! “Hello Herman” is more than a movie about a school shooting—it is a film that seeks to inspire a worldwide movement against bullying of all shapes and sizes. This is why the “Herman” staff has just published its very first Indiegogo campaign!

The film is color-corrected, sound designed, and ready to be shown—but we need to do more. It is currently our desire to raise a total of $60,000 in order to support a nationwide outreach program designed to touch the hearts of the bullied and bullies alike. With your donations, we can conduct extensive community outreach by delivering “Hello Herman” to a variety of U.S. universities, art houses, and community events, thus inspiring serious and structured discussions regarding bullying, youth violence, and our universal desire to be heard and remembered by those around us.

We would also like to send director Michelle Danner around the nation to lead talks on the importance of standing up for our bullied youth. Both bullies and the bullied must realize that their actions have serious consequences—and that violence is never the answer.

Make a difference by donating, and help us change the way audiences think about bullying. Together, we can teach our children and peers to reach out to each other with love and empathy, and never with hate.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign for additional information, to see a heartfelt note from “Hello Herman” director Michelle Danner, and to contribute to the cause:

Any an all assistance is greatly appreciated—be it $1.00 or $1,000.00!

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