POP Interview: “Hello Herman” Director Michelle Danner

Acting coach Michelle Danner has worked with Zooey Deschanel, Penelope Cruz, Marcia Cross and James Franco. Somehow, she managed to fit in time to direct her second film, Hello Herman, now available online on iTunes and Netflix!

Michelle Danner

The old method was you had a film released theatrically. You’re doing iTunes as your immediate release. What benefits are there in choosing this venue as a filmmaker?
Hello Herman” was released theatrically nationwide in fifteen cities including New York and LA on June 7th. Warner Brothers did the digital release and distributed it in 100 million homes on demand on iTunes, Amazon, XBox 360, Playstation Network, and through cable movies on demand. More and more people are watching movies on iTunes, and in our case many fans of Norman Reedus (who plays the central role of journalist Lax Moralis) are of the internet generation and are more likely to use that medium.

Why would the central character contact a journalist before committing the crimes? Has this ever really happened?
I don’t know if a school shooter would have contact with a journalist before committing such an act. But we know that manifestos, letters, and emails to the press have been discovered after a shooter has been captured or killed themselves. In the case of Herman he reached out to Lax because of Lax’s audience on the Internet. Lax has a popular show on the internet which is watched by a younger demographic. Herman investigated Lax’s own haunted past and felt they might have something in common.

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