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pop-goes-the-week Pop interview: “Hello Herman” Director Michelle Danner

“Michelle Danner’s ‘Hello Herman’ takes a look at the troubled youth of America… the issues of teens in America especially when it comes to bullying and retaliation are a problem that need to be addressed far beyond a film.”

Courtney Hartmann – The Examiner

“This poignant portrait of the abysmal descent of youth unabashedly targets the numerous influences society is quick to point fingers at… but the “in between the lines” message comes across clearly to those watching open mindedly… “What the hell are we doing for these kids?”

Tammie Edenshaw – Current Movie Reviews

“Thoughtful entertainment… Garrett Backstrom is excellent… I was reminded of Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine'”.”

Jeannette Catsoulis – New York Times

“A powerful film that should be required viewing for adolescents everywhere. Garrett Backstrom is outstanding as the troubled teen.”

Danny Miller – MSN Movies


“HELLO HERMAN is a powerful and important work, a darkly brilliant tone poem about America’s tango with violence and fame. Herman will get under your skin. He may even follow you home. What is certain is you won’t soon forget him.”

Sam Kashner –  Vanity Fair

“A timely and highly important movie…I’ve enjoyed Reedus’ excellent work in TV’s THE WALKING DEAD, but I think he’s even better here.”

Betty Jo –  Tucker Reel Talk

“HELLO HERMAN is brilliant in making us look deeper inside ourselves… Must see… Brilliant… Powerful… Controversial… Reedus is superb… Garrett Backstrom blew me away… Loved this film!”

Best Movies Ever Entertaiment News

“Daring film HELLO HERMAN cannot be ignored… This intense, thought provoking, and unnerving film will open the floodgates to become more connected.”

Pamela Powell – Real Honest Reviews

“HELLO HERMAN is the type of movie that Hollywood rarely makes, but should make more often… Powerful film… Garrett Backstrom and Norman Reedus are both brilliant in their roles.”

Joe Comicbook –

“Garrett Backstrom does a stellar job… Very powerful… This is a movie with a message, heart and it get point across.”

Justin Williams – Otakus and Geeks

“Surprisingly touching film.. under Michelle Danner’s sensitive direction, a veil is lifted on how evil gets layered into character over time… Deeply moving film appropriate for younger audiences.”

Jesse Kornbluth – Head Butler


“I do applaud Mailer and Danner’s courage to tell a troubling story.”

Karin Crighton – Horror Talk

“Even though the film is set a little in the future, ‘Hello Herman’ couldn’t be timelier… Norman Reedus giving the film its best performance… It’s more concerned with exploring the reasons behind the act… Trying to understand what it is that makes someone like Herman commit such an appalling act is commendable.”

David Appleford – Film and Theatre Reviews

“A very challenging film. One that could not be more current at the moment… Kudos also to Jeff Beals’ jazzy score… The direction is fluid… The depiction of the massacre is chilling, understated and thoroughly convincing… A flashback to Herman’s attraction to one of his fellow students, Marsha (Olivia Faye), which starts out tentatively as a spark of attraction, is the film’s greatest moment, showing the small slights and petty violence both emotional and physical that goes into making a tabloid monster like Herman… This is an interesting, intelligent work.”

Jason Abbey – The Movie Waffler

“…Insightful look on topics people don’t really want to discuss… proves that Norman Reedus isn’t just a kick-ass actor who kicks ass, but is also a serious actor who should be in more dramatic roles like this. “

Robert Galvan – Nerd Reactor




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“Exclusive interview with “Hello Herman” director, Michelle Danner… Who would she  like to cast and why?” (Click HERE)
“SPECIAL SCREENING “Hello Herman” review: Poignant Portrait of The Abysmal Descent of Youth .” (Click HERE)





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“The film touches on timely and important issues and has the power to promote conversation inside the classroom, and around the dinner table. A courageous look at the challenges our youth face today.”
Amy Eldon
Co-Founder & Co Chair Creative Visions Foundation

“Relatable and moving this film forces you to take a look at the core of the problem, the repercussions of escalating emotions that are not being controlled and most importantly the perspective of the parent. Unlike any other bullying related film thus far, Hello Herman is thought-provoking forcing you to take a deeper look at the bigger picture.”
Sierra Dowd
Founder Be More Heroic

“Making sure our youth feel safe is a tough task when the media sensationalizes violence. When we become too busy to parent and detached from our children, they know they can get enormous amounts of attention (though short-lived) by doing the unthinkable ‘Hello Herman’ addresses our responsibility to keep our children safe and how we have failed them in that area. Hopefully, ‘Hello Herman’ sparks much needed conversations which can lead to ongoing nationwide action that compels a change in our priorities”.
Nichelle Garrett
Executive Director Manifest Your Destiny Foundation

“As a retired educator of 26 years, I saw my share of bullying in the classroom and hallways. I stopped it when I could, but common sense told me that there was probably more I did not see. After watching “Hello Herman”, I am ashamed I did not work harder to find those situations and try to help more. It was appalling to see the female educator on screen contribute to the bullying, even while realizing that I had colleagues who undoubtedly did the same.

Before I retired, my school became involved with the Olweus anti-bullying campaign to try and teach kids and teachers how to change the school climate to wipe out the problem. While it contained some good material, I don’t believe we had anything as effective as this movie for showing the potential consequences of repeated and violent bullying. Kids hear about school shootings but seeing it as in this movie would have to make a bigger impression. Every school in America needs to see it.”

Vickie Wheatley Boyd
retired Henry County School System, Paris, TN

“Hello Herman is a wake up call to all of us. It gives us a first hand look at what children are facing in America today. The school shooting is the tip of the iceberg. I encourage every adult to see this movie. It is educational and hits the mark on our society today.”

Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed
Author, Speaker, Consultant
Pioneer in the field of bullying/Peer Abuse
Adult Survivors of Bullying/Peer Abuse