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“A powerful film that should be required viewing for adolescents everywhere. Garrett Backstrom is outstanding as the troubled teen.”

Danny Miller
MSN Movies

“Thoughtful entertainment… Garrett Backstrom is excellent… I was reminded of Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine'”.”

Jeannette Catsoulis
New York Times

“HELLO HERMAN is a powerful and important work, a darkly brilliant tone poem about America’s tango with violence and fame. Herman will get under your skin. He may even follow you home. What is certain is you won’t soon forget him.”

Sam Kashner
Vanity Fair

“A timely and highly important movie…I’ve enjoyed Reedus’ excellent work in TV’s THE WALKING DEAD, but I think he’s even better here.”

Betty Jo Tucker
Reel Talk 

“Pushes a lot of buttons. Surely one of them does something.”

Philip Martin
Arkansas Democratic Review

“HELLO HERMAN is brilliant in making us look deeper inside ourselves… Must see… Brilliant… Powerful… Controversial… Reedus is superb… Garrett Backstrom blew me away… Loved this film!”

Best Movies Ever Entertainment News

“Daring film HELLO HERMAN cannot be ignored… This intense, thought provoking, and unnerving film will open the floodgates to become more connected.”

Pamela Powell 
Real Honest Reviews

“HELLO HERMAN is the type of movie that Hollywood rarely makes, but should make more often… Powerful film… Garrett Backstrom and Norman Reedus are both brilliant in their roles.”

Joe Comicbook

“Garrett Backstrom does a stellar job… Very powerful… This is a movie with a message, heart and it get point across.”

Justin Williams
Otakus and Geeks
 “Surprisingly touching film.. under Michelle Danner’s sensitive direction, a veil is lifted on how evil gets layered into character over time… Deeply moving film appropriate for younger audiences.”
Jesse Kornbluth
Head Butler

“I do applaud Mailer and Danner’s courage to tell a troubling story.”

Karin Crighton
Horror Talk

“Even though the film is set a little in the future, ‘Hello Herman’ couldn’t be timelier… Norman Reedus giving the film its best performance… It’s more concerned with exploring the reasons behind the act… Trying to understand what it is that makes someone like Herman commit such an appalling act is commendable.”

David Appleford
Film and Theatre Reviews

“A very challenging film. One that could not be more current at the moment… Kudos also to Jeff Beals’ jazzy score… The direction is fluid… The depiction of the massacre is chilling, understated and thoroughly convincing… A flashback to Herman’s attraction to one of his fellow students, Marsha (Olivia Faye), which starts out tentatively as a spark of attraction, is the film’s greatest moment, showing the small slights and petty violence both emotional and physical that goes into making a tabloid monster like Herman… This is an interesting, intelligent work.”

Jason Abbey
The Movie Waffler

“…Insightful look on topics people don’t really want to discuss… proves that Norman Reedus isn’t just a kick-ass actor who kicks ass, but is also a serious actor who should be in more dramatic roles like this. “

Robert G


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A Michelle Danner Film

A lovable dog, Bandit, is trained to pull off bank robberies,                                                 but after a heist gone wrong he is rescued by a single mom and her son.

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It’s become almost impossible for the small independent movie with heart and humanity to get made.  Studios certainly aren’t financing them, not enough profit.  Even the smaller financing companies are too afraid to take a risk on a movie that doesn’t have something blowing up or lots of people getting hurt.  

 Thanks to Kick Starter and caring and generous movie goers like you, we can keep the tradition of the smaller budget provocative and poignant indie film alive.

The Bandit Hound is a film that will appeal to both kids and adults.  It shares a wonderful message about loving and adopting dogs.  The Bandit Hound illustrates that love is what matters, not money.  

 With your support we can bring this loving and light hearted tail to the screen. Please view the list of rewards we are offering for your contribution.  From     Paw-tographed movie posters, to lunching with the cast, walk on acting roles and even Associate Producer credit, there’s something to appeal to all.  Most importantly will be the satisfaction of being a part of the team bringing you this heartwarming, dog loving, belly laughing, feel good movie! 

Check out the prizes being offered!